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Friday, November 14, 2008

A lovely rainy Friday!

I love a chilly rainy day! When I actually give voice to thoughts like that I usually get strange looks from folks who appear to be wondering if I've lost my marbles. Chalk it up to growing up in England.... rain doesn't bother me in the least. On a rainy day the house feels so cozy, and indoor activities like cooking, knitting, reading and movie watching are even more pleasurable.... especially when accompanied by hot chocolate or hot tea with honey.

After a busy week, today will be spent finishing my monthly newspaper article. I do have a new art card to post... this one went to Shelley in France. This 4x6 card depicts New England in the fall and is done in watercolor and colored pencil. It was lots of fun to do.... I LOVE New England and using those juicy fall colors was a great pleasure!

Have a great weekend!


Lin said...

HI HON!!! This is fantastic!!! I LOVE the soft approach to that incredible fall foliage!!!BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL job!!! I am missing you!!! You'd have loved these workshops!!!!

Rosie said...

What a lovely card - I love the little houses. You would enjoy the weather here today - wet and slightly windy - just the day to stay in warm by the fire.

Pop over to my blog when you can I have an award for you:)

Jo Castillo said...

Beautiful painting and I'm off for hot chocolate now.

laura said...

Lovely, charming painting! I like gray days too--especially when the leaves are yellow: the grayness and the black, wet tree trunks just heighten all the colors!

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