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Monday, January 31, 2011

WIP: Red Barn in Winter

9 x 12 Watercolor

Well, I meant to take photos all along and post a series of WIP's but got so engrossed with my little red barn that I forgot and just steamrolled right along!

I'd guess I'm a little better than halfway finished. This is a snow scene (you know I love snow) so most of the bottom half of the pic will remain white. It's not the kind of scene where there's snow piled everywhere... just enough left on the ground to keep it covered. There's still masking fluid on the windows and the edges of the barn roof. I'm working from a black and white photo (although the original photo ref is in color.. but it's in the computer) so I'm choosing my own colors.

This is a fun picture to paint. And the M. Graham paints are - sigh - fabulous.
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