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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Canadian Shoreline - after Grant Fuller

"Canadian Shoreline" after Grant Fuller
I am SO ready for Fall! I've about had it with gardening for this season. My enthusiasm for growing things has nosedived and I'm ready for a deliciously chilly frost! (Heck, let's be honest here... what I'd really like is to wake up one morning to a foot of snow in the yard :-)

As usual, I've kept a low blogging profile through the summer months...just not enough hours in the day to get around to everything. Didn't get much done in the way of art either, but I did purchase a watercolor instructional DVD entitled "Painting the Sea in Watercolor" by a delightful Canadian named Grant Fuller. Love his instructional style! Clear, easy to understand, and a gentle sense of humor. It's a pretty straight forward DVD, mostly basics really, but even so I still had several "A ha!" moments... specifically in the area of how much water to use.... which is something that's been hit and miss. The light bulb finally clicked on. 'Bout time!  I followed along with the sample painting, and my version of Mr. Fuller's painting is what you see above.
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