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Friday, January 16, 2009

Tuscan Villa - refined

Heeding the advice of Laure (maybe a few "well placed" darks) and Jeanne ("don't over think it") I did a little more work on the Tuscan villa. After I read Laure's comment on the first posting I let it sit for a few hours and then looked at it. She was right. It did need some "pop". But before I put color to card I thought of Jeanne's advice and knew that she was telling me not to go hog wild with the darks. I tried to keep both goals in mind.

I do like the revised version much better.... thank you both for your advice... so appreciated!

Tuscan Villa ATC

I approached this ATC in much the same way as the Crocus ATC (limited palette, keep it light, etc.) except that I departed even more from the original photo (I know, I'm getting to be a regular rebel). I like leaving the photo! Too long have I been a slave to The Original Reference (declaring my independence here!).

One thing I did differently. As suggested to me by Laure, I did this ATC on Arches Hot Press watercolor paper. It does have more tooth than the slick-as-glass Smooth Bristol. Color went on fairly smoothly, and overall I liked this surface. But I'm still experimenting. Next surface up for trial is the Colourfix sanded paper. I've never worked on a sanded support so I'm really looking forward to this and expecting good things. Hope I'm not disappointed.

Hubby's band is playing again this weekend so it will be busy. Stay warm and have a good weekend in your neck of the woods!
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