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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family Illness

Hi All,

Thought I'd write a few lines and explain my absence. My husband's mother is seriously ill. She's partially paralyzed and speech impaired from a stroke almost 10 years ago and also has a variety of other health concerns. We are caregivers for her on weekends. Last weekend she was hospitalized again, and because she cannot communicate with the hospital staff, family members take turns staying with her around the clock to "interpret" and help out as needed. She was released from the hospital last Wednesday and on Friday came down with shingles. My DIL took her to Urgent Care on Saturday (the hubby's band was playing so we were on the road) and on Sunday afternoon the hubby and I took her back to Urgent Care for a follow up appointment. She's running a fever, in pain and isn't eating, so is requiring constant care. We're all pitching in and putting together 'round the clock care as best we can. She is adamant about not going to the hospital again, so for the time being we're giving her Ensure and Pedialyte along with her medications and making her comfortable.

Will get back to blogging and catch up my emails as soon as I can. If you've emailed me and I haven't responded please know it's not intentional. Miss keeping up with y'all! ("Y'all" ..... that's pretty good "Southern" for an English city slicker don't you think? ;-)
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