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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mini Mural - Complete!

Unless I do some last minute tweaking, the mural is finished. Sorry the photo isn't very good... it has a pinkish cast to it... probably because I took the photo this evening as the sun was going down. It's actually not pink. I do have to put a protective coat of sealant on it, but I'll let it sit overnight to make sure it's completely dry.

Some observations along the mural way:

1. I love acrylic paint because it dries so fast.

2. I hate acrylic paint because it dries so fast.

3. It's nice that it dries fast because you can move on quickly without extended periods of drying time. It's a pain that it dries so fast because if you've painted something and then later on decide you want to go back and softly blend an area .... well..... good luck!

4. I'm looking forward to using my new set of Chroma Acrylics (a surprise gift I received) - which perform like oils but don't have the yucky scent. They can dry as fast as acrylics... or as slow as oils - the artist's choice. Plus, if days later - after your painting is thoroughly dry - you decide to want to blend an area, or even change a color - you can. Included with the set is a type of "rewetting" medium that allows you to go back and make changes to previously dry paint.

5. I sorely missed my colored pencils and my regular "art space". I've used mostly colored pencil for months now and didn't realize how much I'd adapted to using this clean, convenient, dry media. Oh, the fine detail you can achieve with pencils! And, no brushes to wash, no paint that dries up in the tube. Plus, it's as dry as it will ever be the moment you apply it.... yet at the same time it's as blendable two days later as it was when first applied.

Woo Hoo for colored pencils! :-)

Mini Mural WIP #3

Here's the third WIP. I can see the home stretch now!
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