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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuscany Mural

I think I'm finished... but reserve the right to go back and tweak if it seems necessary after it has sit for a while! I get a clearer perspective on a piece when I haven't seen it for some time... makes it easier to spot problem areas.

The mural is just a little larger than 8ft wide x 6.5 ft high and is done in artist grade acrylics... mostly Liquitex. The colors in the photos vary somewhat because they were taken at different times during the day. The last two photos are the most accurate color representation.

Working method: I drew the scene in pencil, stepping back frequently so I could get a view of how it looked from across the room (which is the way most people will first see it). I also stepped back from the painting regularly while painting; and the homeowner had a conveniently positioned mirror on the wall across from the mural so I could also get a great mirror view while working! I then started painting in the upper left hand corner and began to work my way across and down. I used a variety of techniques including brush painting, sponge painting, stippling and glazing.

If no tweaking seems necessary the final step will be sealing the mural with Liquitex Matte Varnish. Oh, and I need to sign it before I varnish it - so easy to forget that!
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