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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pics, pics, pics!!

It's been busy, busy around here so I'm trying to put more in each post since the posts are farther apart :-)

First, an update on my grandson, Colton. He's doing great! He weighs 5 1/2 lbs now and if all goes well he will be coming home in a couple of days. Yay! He is SO SWEET!!!! Just sitting there holding that precious new baby is one of the best feelings in the whole world. This grandma is smitten!

I'm posting photos. The first pic is of my son, Philip, the first time he was able to feed Colton. Until recently Colton was getting nourishment via an NG tube. He's now graduated to a bottle. The second pic is the first time I was able to hold Colton, and the third one is a close up of the world's sweetest baby (which is what every new grandma thinks).

I'm also posting some art pics. I completed a couple of commissions recently. The first one was a group of three outdoor yard signs that a neighbor had had for years. They had faded badly but she liked them so much she asked me to repaint them and restore their original colors. I've posted before and after pics. That was a fun little job!

The second commission is the portrait of the son of a very good friend.

Enjoy your weekend!

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