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Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Winter Pleasures"

Here's what I've been (slowly) working on in between TMC's and the never-done to-do list!

8 x 10, watercolor.

When it was getting close to completion I emailed a version of this to several friends asking for a honest critique, and they responded with wonderful, constructive advice. Several made great suggestions - and I think I incorporated most of them. Made me realize that we art bloggers have a great resource in addition to books, workshops, dvd's etc.... the wonderful resource of fellow art bloggers! Thanks so much for your invaluable input!

P.S. The choice of subject matter for this painting will come as no surprise to Gary Keimig since I regularly leave comments on his blog reminding him of how lucky he is to have all that lovely snow in Wyoming every year. Not sure he always agrees with that point of view :-) If you haven't met Gary, click on his name to visit his art blog... you'll be glad you did. He's an awesome landscape artist and lives in a gorgeous part of the country.
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