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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Portrait WIP's, Masking Fluid and Update on Colton

I'm working on a couple of portraits... the one at the top is a commission, the other is for advertising purposes as I continue to build my portrait business.

I've been doing some experimenting with different paints, papers and techniques (I love to experiment... I learn so much by playing :-).  In both of these portraits you'll see a lot of masking - using masking fluid, and also using plastic wrap and artist's tape to easily and inexpensively cover a large area. The masking bandwagon has been something I've been rather slow to get on, but after a lot of struggling (and disappointing results) to get the clear colors and seemingly effortless backgrounds that flow so beautifully as I've seen in other artist's work, I figured even if it took a lot of time it might be worth the effort. Guess what? It is! I was thrilled, relieved, happy (all of the above!) to find that the time I spent masking allowed me to have complete freedom with the backgrounds. It felt GOOD to float those yummy colors wherever I wanted them without having to worry about avoiding this or that or saving the whites. Previously I'd used a little masking fluid here and there, but not in large amounts. I see another trip to the art store in my immediate future for more masking fluid.

This watercolorist says "Hooray" for masking fluid!

Update on Colton... he's doing GREAT! Thanks to all of you for your concern, good wishes, prayers and thoughtful comments. All so deeply appreciated.

He now weighs 7 lbs 4 oz! Here's a recent pic of our sweet little bundle....

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