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Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Knit Your Bit" ... A World War II Knitting Project

I've just started a World War II knitting project. Yes, you read that right!
Actually, it's for veterans of World War II (and you thought I was losing my marbles didn't you? Actually, sometimes I wonder myself....). I came across it last week and knew immediately I would participate.

It's a project sponsored by The National World War II Museum (http://www.nationalww2museum.org/calendar/knit-your-bit.html) and asks willing volunteers to knit scarves for WWII vets. We're rapidly losing our aging WWII vets, (some estimates place the loss at a 1,000 per day nationally) and many of the remaining vets are fighting serious health problems. The scarves are a gesture to remind the vets that someone out there still cares, still honors the huge sacrifice they made. If you'd like to knit along, visit the website (link above) for the scarf patterns. There are three you can choose from. The site is really interesting and features vintage pictures of young schoolkids knitting for victory along with slogans such as "The Navy needs men, but it also needs knitters!".

**P.S. Crochet patterns are also available for the scarves


Lin said...

Teresa! You are such a generous soul! What a fabulous project --- only one thing ... says Lin gently nudging .. how are the commissions???? (grin!)


"JeanneG" said...

I guess what little time you had for art is going to knitting now. Nice of you to be so generous tho. But don't forget art completely. So glad your boys are coming home. We will have Thanksgiving with my cousins and their extended family and friends. They make a mean deep pit turkey.

Teresa said...

Hi Lin and Jeanne!
Thank you for the kind comments on the knitting project.... and the gentle chastisement is also duly noted and appreciated! ;-)

To allay fears that I'm dumping art for knitting... I mostly knit for a few minutes in the morning after coffee (it's a relaxing way to start the day) but most of my knitting is done in the band van while we're in transit to a gig - which often gives me an hour to two hours to knit. So, never fear.... knitting has not nudged art out of its rightful place! Oh, one last thing... I love to knit when I've got an article to write... for some reason I tend to think more creatively when I'm knitting than any other time!

Jeanne: Exactly how do you cook a deep pit turkey? Heard of deep fried turkeys, but never pit cooked???

laura said...

A wonderful project! We have lost two WWII vets in our family: one a Pearl Harbor Survivor and the other who was in the Philippines with MacArthur. I wish I knew how to knit!!

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