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Friday, July 24, 2009

Blueberries galore!

Yep.... still picking blueberries!

It truly is a bumper crop this year. So far there have been 104 quarts of berries picked by us and various family members, plus more berries that were not counted picked by neighbors and such. Of those 104 counted, I've picked around 53 quarts myself. Yes, I now have my degree in Blueberryology. I also have bluish tinted fingernails, quite a few scratches (the best blueberries are at the top of the bush and on the inside... so I stretch and crawl to get those prize berries), and one wasp sting to date. I consider myself fortunate.... only one sting in a season is good!

The berries ripened differently this year. We had lots of rain in the Spring (which came at the right time for the bushes and gave us the bumper crop), but instead of ripening gradually - over a five to six week period - as they usually do, most of them ripened within a two to three week period. We've picked the majority of berries now (it usually takes until the last of July or early August to get to this point) so I hope to set berrying aside and get back to art and blogging.

And..... good news..... I signed up for extended reach internet! It's still not high speed, but it's as good as it's going to get around here until Embarq comes through with true high speed sometime in the next year or so. I was going to hold out for the real high speed, but decided I can't wait another year. The extended reach is about 13 times faster than dial up so that will make my life - and blogging - a little easier. It takes forever to do things on the net when the pages load oh-so-slowly!

Have a great weekend .... I have a few more berries to pick and then I'm going to donate any remaining berries to the birds!


Cathy Gatland said...

There you are Teresa - emerging out of a blueberry bush! Sounds like hard work but lots of fun - that's great that you're getting faster internet. SA has just been connected to new sub-oceanic cables, so hopefully ours will get a lot quicker soon too.

The Weaver of Grass said...

We don't seem to be into blueberries over here, except for very small punnets of them in some supermarkets - dare I say I have never tasted a blueberry - but love reading about them on your blog, and about the ones you are donating to the birds.

pencilportraits said...

what a busy bee you've been! I love blueberries, if I'd have picked 53 quarts of them I'd have eaten 52 already!

"JeanneG" said...

Hurray you are almost finished. Then more art. And congrats on the speedier internet.

Jo Castillo said...

Teresa, I cannot believer how much you have accomplished on-line with dial-up. It was like being in the old days the past few weeks. I'm glad you are moving up.

Those blueberries are lots of work. You don't think about that when you get a box at the supermarket.

I think I will now appreciate them more. Thanks for sharing your hard work with us!

Lynne said...

So what have you done with the blueberries? Have you had to spend ages in the kitchen?
Great that you've got faster internet. We've been having problems with our computer (again), and it's so frustrating, so you must be over the moon to have improved access.
Enjoy your none blueberry time.

James Oh said...

I have an award for you. Please come to my blog to claim it.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

James Oh

Loli Martinez said...

Hello Teresa , passed to greet you, congratulations on the harvest, congratulations over the Internet .

A kiss.

Jan said...

Congratulations on all those blueberries! I'll bet the Smurfs think you're part of their family now! lol

And a huge congratulations on the extended reach internet! I can tell for a fact that anything is better than dial-up in this super-speed broadband world!

Deborah Ross said...

I love your portrait of Blue Girl...very sensitive, yet compelling. The colors convey innocence and youth. Nice job.

Cathyann said...

Gosh, did not realize you were on dial up!! The last time I used that I nearly slit my wrists! I am in awe of your patience to blog under those crcumstances!!! And must thank you thousandfolds for taking the time to comment on my site given what I now know, Teresa
How impatient this internet has made us, huh?

I wish I could help you eat those blueberries. The birds will be ecstatic.:-))

Paulette said...

Ah I wish I has blueberries to pick.
Luckily my store had a great deal from a local supplier.
The Blue Girl is beautiful!

Gary Keimig said...

will be good to have you back to painting. I have mentioned on your blog befor about my love for blueberries. When I was a kid we had Chock Cherries that grew all over the hills and along the creeks which my brother and I picked and sold to area grocery stores. They were well named-"Chock" Cherries as they were so sour to eat but folks loved making jelly from them. Therefor it was easy not to eat our labor. I don't think I could get many blueberries to market.
Gods bless and pick on.

Dors said...

Oh great to hear you have had a bumper crop of blueberries...we have just 2 blueberry pots...but wow are they full of berries that are ripening well. Congrats on your bumper crop blue fingers...LOL

Pleased you can now get back to your art.

Megha Chhatbar said...

Hi Teresa,I have a surprise for you on my blog! Please check it!

Color Pencil Portrait: Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Candy said...

I love blueberries, but we have pretty slim pickings here in the desert. It's very kind of you to leave some for the birds:)

Blue Girl is lovely.

Michelle said...

Wow, what a busy girl you are! Hopefully, you can have some time to enjoy the rest of the summer. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

I agree, the train ride from Heber Valley to the park is a wonderful treat...but I missed out on the molasses cookies. :( Have to watch out for those next time.

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