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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More art cards...and a delightful poem!

So far I've received confirmation of receipt on 4 out of 6 Vacation Dream cards that I've mailed. Sure hope the two that are AWOL at the moment are not lost in the mail! Here's two more of my art cards: the log cabin in the snow went to Kitty in the Netherlands and the hot air balloon went to Joan in New York. Both cards were such fun to paint. The log cabin is watercolor and gouache, the hot air balloon is watercolor. I see now that I forgot to sign both of these cards after I finished painting them... oops!

While we're here, I'd also like to share a little poem with you. Someone emailed it to me and I really liked it; so, for your enjoyment, here it is...........

The Law the Lawyers Know About

The law the lawyers know about
Is property and land;
But why the leaves are on the trees,
And why the wind disturbs the seas,
Why honey is the food of bees,
Why horses have such tender knees,
Why winters come and rivers freeze,
Why Faith is more than what one sees,
And Hope survives the worst disease,
And Charity is more than these,
They do not understand.

Hilary Douglas Clark Peplar, English, 1878-1951


laura said...

Love the poem--gave me a lump in my throat! Your postcards are great--I love the snow scene and the balloon is so whimsical!

Lin said...

HOW COOL, Teresa!! BRRR on the winter scene-- it's coming, isn't it! LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree! And the hot air balloon -- so fun!! SUPER SUPER SUPER!~

Maine Artist said...

Balloons are so dreamy and such a wonderful contrast to the fast-paced, hard-edged life it is too easy to get caught up in.

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