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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blog in a bottle?

A line drawing of a friend's house. I added text and her name to the front of the drawing (A Note from Carolyn's House to Yours) and printed them out as notecards on linen cover stock and packaged them with matching envelopes to give as a personalized birthday gift. The best part was when she opened the package, looked at the image and realized with surprise it was her own house!

I enjoyed doing the sketch. I've always been attracted to pen and ink drawings...I love the crispness and simplicity.

BTW, this post is backward. I keep forgetting that it posts in the reverse order of how I type it in. In other words, I wanted the sketch and accompanying text after the bit about being offline. Oh well.... you learn as you go!

Well, after a few days offline (and off computer) due to havoc-wreaking Gremlins running amok in my system I think I've finally banished the irksome little beasts (fingers crossed).

While offline I was thinking about the subject of my next blog post. And couldn't help but wonder if anybody had even read it - or would read it? I write a monthly column for our local newspaper... it's a small rural newspaper, but writing my little column is an enjoyable task. I get to ramble a little about whatever is on my mind at the time and occasionally get comments here and there from folks I run into while doing errands around town. Writing for a newspaper gives you an instant audience. But a blog is different - especially a new blog when you don't have an established readership. I look at it as a message in a bottle. You write the message and send it off, not knowing where it's bound and when - or if ever - anyone will read the message. The bottle may be found quickly or might float for a long time before anyone finds it. Sometimes it may not be found at all. But you want to put a good message inside - a quality message - because you never know where it might end up and who might read it.

So, even though this is a new blog, starting out without readers, I shall strive to make it an enjoyable blog and one that's worth reading. If it picks up some readers along the way, that's wonderful! But until then, I'll consider the posts as good practice to hone my writing and art skills.


Rose Welty said...


The notecard gift idea is a great one! Your drawing of her house is lovely...all those lines and perspective...a challenge that you met!

Don't worry about the readership thing. As you say, just write well, interact with others and leave the results...people will read it, and many of them you may never know.

Teresa said...

Hi Rose,

Thank you for the kind comments on the sketch - and for stopping by and reading my blog! :-)

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